Kelly is AMAZING!!!  Her studio is so welcoming, cozy and perfect for newborn sessions.  Kelly's demeanour and experience put us at ease and we enjoyed the experience immensely, she was great with our newborn daughter (her patience was out of this world).  The pictures she captured were amazing, something we will truly cherish forever.  Thank you for everything Kelly!

~ Vincent

Kelly is the most amazing photographer.  She has photographed our family several times.  She pays close attention to details.  Our experience has always been fantastic.  Don't second guess booking, she is worth every penny.

~ Chrissy

Unbelievable quality!!!  Kelly is a wonderful photographer!  Very professional!!!  When researching newborn photographers you see the same "design" over and over again but Kelly has a unique eye and really works with you to capture your baby and family!  We invested in a newborn session and then ended up booking the "One Year Time Capture!"  It's an amazing offering - an absolute must!!!  Thanks Kelly!

~ Scott

We are so pleased with our newborn pictures!!!  Kelly was extremely professional and patient.  She is very creative and still accommodating our requests.  Her studio is beautiful and very comfortable.  Would highly recommend!

~ Kayla

Kelly is an incredibly talented photographer who captures every detail with delicacy, passion, and extreme focus.  She goes above and beyond for her clients and her ability to take extraordinary photos is remarkable.  Her ability to take pictures that transfer from a moment to truly a piece of art leaves me speechless in the end product.  From newborn, family, Christmas and first birthday...my daughters photos have been true perfection.  Kelly's studio is welcoming, calming, and a true depiction of who Kelly is as a person - truly genuine, compassionate and kind!

~ Whitney

We have been with Kelly for a couple of years now (on our second baby) and she will always be our first choice!  She has felt like family from the very beginning!  Made me feel extremely comfortable during my maternity photo shoot which I will never forget!  Her studio is a gem!  Honestly, I could go on and on...but her pictures speak for themselves!  The love and passion that she has for her work really shines through.  I highly recommend her!!!  Love, love, love her!!!

~ Jessica  

Our experience at Kelly Clancy's studio was amazing.  Her space is comfortable and welcoming and every detail has been considered.  She made sure that the photos she captured were exactly what I wanted, and we didn't end the session until I was 100% satisfied.  I highly recommend this studio for new parents seeking a wonderful newborn photo experience or anyone who wants to tap into her talent!!!

~ Alicia

Kelly is amazing!  We have had family and newborn portraits done and they are beautiful - truly talented!

~ Melissa

We had an excellent experience with Kelly when my son was only a newborn a year ago.  We went again lately on his one year birthday and had the same wonderful experience.  She is friendly, welcoming, talented, and professional.

~ Ziad

She's absolutely awesome!

~ Daniel

Kelly went out of her way to make me comfortable and relaxed during my photoshoot with 10 day old baby Chelsea.  When my 2.5 yr old and 5 yr old joined us she was wonderful with them and we were able to get some great shots (no small feat when dealing with my crew!)  I would definitely recommend the entire experience.  I am so glad that we have these beautiful memories that Kelly captured for us.  Thank you !!

~ Alison

Kelly makes her clients feel very much at home, making her photoshoots feel natural and comfortable.  She was very accommodating and patient with our newborn.  The entire experience is wonderful from start to end.  

~ Priscilla

We were so thrilled with the photography of our newborn daughter by Kelly.  The photos are absolutely gorgeous and we could be happier with the final result!  We felt totally comfortable in her amazing studio.  It was such a great experience for all of us!  Thanks!

~ Denise & Gerald

Kelly, we want to thank you for capturing our little one with such a careful eye.  We truly enjoyed our photoshoot!   You were so patient and understanding with nursing, diaper changes, tears, all of our new parent needs.  Moreover, the way your studio was made homey for us, we felt like movie stars!  Thank you for being so creative, planning the custom set up, making our images truly one of a kind, and true to our family.  These images will be fondly admired for eon's.

~ Kiran & Sandeep

We were very impressed by the level of professionalism during Lily's photoshoot, and in the weeks that followed.  The entire experience ...refreshments to the actual shoot...was top notch!   We couldn't have picked a better photographer to capture the first pictures of our little one.  We felt comfortable with Kelly handling and positioning Lily for some truly unique shots, and plan to return when baby number 2 arrives.

~ Andrew & Tiffany  

Kelly captured our daughter when she was just 7 days old.  From the moment we entered Kelly's studio, we were impressed with the style and flare, it is such a welcoming environment.  It was clear that Kelly had put a lot of thought into every detail.  Her stunning photos on display told us that we were in the right place with our little one.  Kelly went above and beyond to ensure we were well taken care of with snacks, beverages, and a comfortable place to relax throughout the entire session.  This was greatly appreciated by a new family working through the initial first few days with a newborn.  Kelly was meticulous in capturing every detail of our little girl - small hands and feet, tiniest features and locks of hair.  She didn't miss a thing.  Her creativity and ability to envision a wide array of shots was incredible.  My husband and I remarked that often saw Kelly in deep thought well preparing to shoot a specific image.  Her mind clearly works in a special way, which is evident in the work she produces.  We couldn't have been more thrilled with the images we received by Kelly.  They are on display in our home and we are consistently having guests comment on our wonderful photos.  Kelly is a kind, professional, and talented photographer.  I highly recommend her for capturing those special moments!

~ Jen & Shady  

My husband and I were gifted a newborn photography session and I was beyond pleased with both the experience, and the photos.  Kelly was warm and inviting, she opened up her studio to us and even though I had given birth only 12 days prior, I was totally comfortable.  It was a fun experience and it helped me in that it was my first time out of the house since baby, and with baby - it made me feel normal again.  We had snacks and beverages.  My baby was totally comfy and well taken care of.  My mom and I had a blast watching Kelly in her element, and we were amazed at how much patience and gentleness was required in getting the shot.  In fact, I called her the baby whisperer, because she was so good with my little guy :)  I let her work her magic and the end result was fantastic!  I would totally go to Kelly again!  We are so excited about our pics, and it was so hard choosing...we loved them all!  Her work far exceeds any of the newborn photography I have seen, and now I wouldn't settle for less after my experience with her.

~ Angela

All I can say is WOW.  My husband and I were absolutely thrilled with the entire experience.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching Kelly work with our newborn and create stunning imagery and timeless simple classic images.  Her studio is warm and welcoming...I even fell asleep during the session!  She makes you feel instantly at home by ensuring all amenities are only an arms reach way.  From food, to beverages, to music you like to listen to during your stay...absolutely everything is accounted for.  She is professional, kind and warm.  We felt 100% at ease with her handling our newborn.  Thank you from the bottom of our heart Kelly!  You are one of a kind - we will never forget this experience. 

~ Kate & Tom 

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