What to Expect

Newborn sessions are typically held within the first 5-15 days of life.  

Newborns are captured in this timeframe to capture the sleepy, curled up, newborn look (younger babies sleep better while being positioned) that quickly leaves them around day 15.  Around this timeframe, baby acne and colic can start and they are more alert, uncurl....and like to stretch out. 

Sessions take place in my studio downtown Oakville.  The studio is specifically geared toward newborn photography.  I have sourced many unique one of a kind antique props, as well as, acquired many hand made knits from Artists all over the world. Clients have full access to all items in the studio and are also encouraged to bring along any items they would like to incorporate into the shoot.  Every effort is made to make each and every session custom and one of a kind.  Please view the video above ^ to see how a full newborn session unfolds.

Newborn mini sessions take 45 minutes and full newborn session take up to 3 hours. 

The shoot is executed at the pace of the baby.  It is a staggered session that involves a lot of feedings, diaper changes, snuggles, and photography. The majority of a newborn session focuses on capturing images of a sleepy baby.  Many measures are taken within the studios four walls to help this along, but sometimes a little patience goes along way!  Sometimes baby may require more milk (extra feedings), a soother, or a bit a rocking helps things along.  The majority of session focuses on capturing images of baby sleeping.   However, if time permits, sometimes I also take pictures with the baby wide awake.

The studio is heated (28-30C) to keep naked babies happy and mimic the internal temperature of the womb. Please wear layers, to allow you to be comfortable as it is quite warm in the shooting area of the studio. Clients are always welcomed to step outside to get fresh air at any point in the session.  

Before heading over to the studio, please feed the baby before placing into the car seat. This will allow me to start working straight away upon entering the studio. Also, please ensure the diaper is loosely fastened and come with baby dressed in simply pj’s or a onesie (depending on weather) to allow for less skin irritations/marks/indentations.   Waistbands leave marks....and that’s not the look we’re going for!  On this note, please also ensure the yellow clip from the umbilical cord is removed prior to the session day. A nurse or midwife will need to remove the clip with a special tool.   Leaving the clip on for a newborn session not only doesn’t look nice...I imagine it is quite  uncomfortable for the baby for some of the laying on belly positions. 

 For full newborn sessions that include a sibling and/or fur baby, please note they can not stay for the entire session.   Not only is the studio quite intimate, it is not child proof.  The session is long, hot and boring...too much to ask from a small child.  I strongly encourage the sibling shoot occurs straight away, and then the child and caregiver can leave, run errands, and return at the end of the session. In a full newborn session, typically all parent images take place towards the end of the session...so please (if you would like to put makeup on) do not put makeup on until this part of the session occurs. If you come with makeup on,it will likely be melted off by the time these images take place. Partners are also encouraged to stick around to relax, for support, or even to work with their laptops if they so desire. 

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